A type of company for mid-sized businesses:
The joint-stock corporation
Ein Blick in die Kanzlei
Competence and Experience:
Labour Law
Bauskizze weiss auf blauem Hintergrund
intercepting problems before arising -
Legal advice during construction phase
Stahlplastik versus Jugenstilschrank
Grasping the second chance:
Turnaround and Restructuring
Ein Rottweiler (Hund), wachsamer Blick
Free riders, copycats -
Protection for Industrial Property

Precise, high quality, flexible, quick.

How can we help? We have set priorities into the issues 'labour', 'enterprise', 'corporate and commercial' and 'restructuring' (Practice Areas). In this respect we concentrate on the questions of SMEs and their employees. A good bit of work we do for foreign clients, in particular from China and North America. Moreover, of course, we cover the 'classic' legal practice in civil law.

We work hard where your interests are at stake. And, in an exceptional case, if there is no solution, we'll tell you immediately so you won't incur unneccessary costs.

Let us be your lawyers.